Are there other companies that build a natural gas distribution infrastructure in central Israel?
No, SuperNG holds the exclusive permit to build a natural gas distribution infrastructure in this area.

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SuperNG Natural Gas Distribution Company Ltd.

SuperNG Natural Gas Distribution Company Ltd. is a subsidiary of a parent company group that includes “Supergas” and “Shapir”.

 In November 2009 the Israeli Minister of National Infrastructures granted SuperNG an exclusive license for building and operating the natural gas distribution network in Central Israel for a 25 year period.

These days, a distribution network is in its advanced planning stages and will shortly be supplying low pressure gas to the country's industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. The residential sector will follow.

20 January, 2013
SuperNG will connect the "Nesher" factory to the natural gas distribution infrastructure

4 November, 2012
The first days of the natural gas pipeline layout - pictures from the "Nesher" (Ramle - Lod)

24 September, 2012
Supergas announced: we will participate in natural gas distribution tenders in north Israel

22 March, 2012
Publication of natural gas distribution tenders in the north.

18 March, 2012
Laying of the cornerstone for the establishment of a distribution network Center area .

11 November, 2010
The Project for Conversion of Plants to Israely Natural Gas is Underway

10 November, 2010
Another Agreement of INGL with Gas Distribution Company in the South

8 November, 2010
Connection Agreement with INGL and PRMS Order

29 September, 2009
After winning the tender: Granite and Shapir are preparing to build the gas infrastructure

4 March, 2009
Azrieli enters the Natural Gas industry