Natural gas has been exploited for hundreds of years. In the modern age, it has become one of the most important energy sources and it is used far and wide.

Electricity Generation

Natural gas is one of the principal sources of electricity generation by gas turbines and steam in an integrated cycle method (cogeneration). It substantially reduces electricity generation costs.

The Residential and Commercial Sectors

The supply of natural gas to residential and commercial sectors such as hotels and restaurants leads to significant savings in operating various devices such as: cooking ovens, heating and air conditioning units, water heating and clothes drying. It is a safe, efficient and economical alternative to consuming electricity or other fossil fuel sources.

The Industrial Sector

Natural gas is used in various industries such as metals, chemicals and food processing.

Motor Vehicle Fuel

When used in a compressed form (Compressed Natural Gas or CNG), natural gas can fuel motor vehicles. Throughout the world, motor vehicles fuelled by natural gas have been used for many years, helping to decrease harmful emissions released into the environment.