SuperNG will connect the "Nesher" factory to the natural gas distribution infrastructure

20 January, 2013


Early on last year (February 2012)"Nesher" factory has purchased natural gas reserves (0.2 BTU) from the owners of the repository "Tamar" for the ammount of 680 million dollars. "Nesher " factory will pay about 6.3 million dollars for BTU, an amount that is similar to the prices that was paid by other companies for the supply of gas from the reservoir.


The Natural gas that "Nesher" acquired from "tamar" will be used to produce heat from the cement factory. in the coming years Nesher is planing to build a facility for the production of dry waste fuel (RDF), from Hiria area. The factory is expected to produce up to 500 tons of RDF per day, and thus replace 10% of burning materials presently used in the plant, including petroleum coke pollutant


The company superng that Connectes the "nesher" factory to the distribution Infrastructure has recently won a tender for the construction and operation of the distribution network of natural gas in the Hadera and valleys areas . The Total length of the network in the Hadera and valleys is estimated at - 380 km, in addition to 280 km in the center it is building in the center. The company has committed investments in the distribution Infrastructure of Hadera and the valleys areas in the amount of approximately NIS 218 million within five years, of which $ 128 million of the, will be invested over the next three years.


The CEO of "SuperNG", Nati Gilboa, said: "There is definitely a reason to assume that the following entry to the field of leaading Companies will drop and other customers and that in the near future we can look with satisfaction and say that Israeli industry is more competitive, frugal and environmentally friendly.