About Us

About Us

SuperNG Natural Gas Distribution Company Ltd. is a subsidiary of a parent company group that includes “Supergas” and “Shapir”.

In November 2009 SuperNG was granted an exclusive license from the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures to build and operate the natural gas distribution network in Central Israel for a period of 25 years.

SuperNG is not the gas supplier: it is responsible for planning, building, maintaining and operating the distribution network infrastructure, in accordance with the granted license.

The Natural Gas system in Israel

Natural gas is extracted from gas wells in off-shore locations and flow through pipes until it reaches the reception stations located on Israel's shores. From there it is transferred to the gas transmission system at high pressure. Future distribution systems will connect to the transmission system and transfer the natural gas at low pressure.

Transmission System

This is the head system that reaches main points throughout the country. Its role is to transport the gas via large pipelines at high pressure (over 16 bars) from the supply points on the country’s shores to high pressure gas consumers (e.g., power stations) and to natural gas distribution systems in low pressure. The transmission system was built and has been operating since 2004 by the Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd. (“INGL”), fully owned by the Israeli Government. 

Distribution System

This system, supplies natural gas in low pressure (not exceeding 16 bars), mainly to industrial areas and small consumers. 


After the Gas Authority conducted a comprehensive survey of potential consumers of natural gas, it was decided to grant licenses to companies that would build and operate natural gas distribution systems of low pressure natural gas.


For this mission, the country was divided into 6 licensed distribution zones:

  • Center
  • Negev
  • South
  • Hadera and the Valleys
  • Haifa and the Western Galilee
  • Jerusalem


SuperNG's license is for the center zone.